HERE is a a global leader in location platform services. Dreyev uses HERE's intelligent maps and additionally was the first Beta tester of Live Sense, HERE's software development kit (SDK) solution that gives HERE customers the power of edge perception and AI technology to alert drivers of hazards, changes in the road conditions and real-time guidance and information on road infrastructure. Using a device with a forward-facing camera, dreyev will rely on the new Live Sense SDK to detect signs, objects and landmarks that appear on the road ahead to inform drivers of upcoming obstacles, guidance maneuvers and changes in the environment in real-time.

Combining dreyev’s driver distraction, drowsiness detection and management capabilities with HERE Live Sense SDK enables dreyev to provide a more effective driver safety solution to the market. Dreyev and Live Sense are complementary capabilities bringing a holistic solution to the marketplace through this partnership.

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Westat offers innovative professional services to help clients improve outcomes in health, education, social policy, and transportation. We are dedicated to improving lives through research.  

Dreyev collaborates with Westat in the area of Simuator Testing, Driver Behavioral Research and Human Factors Research.

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