The dreyev Solution


  • Processor

    Dreyev uses a smart phone as an on-board processor.

  • Day/Night Camera

    Dreyev is designed for both day and night time driving conditions.

  • Fleet Manager Dashboard

    All data is sent in real time to the cloud.

Computer Vision and AI

Dreyev directly monitors driver’s head pose, spatial awareness, eye position and eyelid closing patterns, while also assessing and evaluating risks like traffic, speed, driving dynamics, weather conditions and road dangers.

By visually detecting and alerting to pilot drowsiness, fatigue, as well as in-car passenger or on-road distractions, dreyev generates both audio and voice alerts to prevent distracted and drowsy driving from becoming lethal.











Hard Braking

Hard Braking

Improve Driver Performance

  • Prevent Distracted and Drowsy Driving
  • Improve Driving Habits
  • Real-time Performance Feedback
  • Driver engagement by gamification
  • Driver Safety Coaching
dreyev - Improve Driver Performance
dreyev - Improve Fleet Performance

Improve Fleet Performance

  • Dash/Driver Cam with GPS location
  • Track Driving Safety Performance
  • Track Fleet in Real-time
  • 360 view of Fleet Daily Operations
  • Driver ID via face recognition
  • Driver performance dashboards

Saving Lives Matters

We propose dreyev, a device to keep you safe and alert while driving.

dreyev is designed to detect and prevent distractions as well as drowsiness, by keeping driver’s attention in the Safe Zone, where performance peaks.


Cost of Distracted Driving


Crashes per Year


Fatalities per Year

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