Distracted driving is a major cause of road accidents and fatalities

Our mission is to save lives by counteracting the distracted driving epidemic

What We Do

We provide an Intelligent Vision Safety System for fleets & insurers to reduce collisions caused by distracted and drowsy drivers. An AI-powered virtual coach assesses driving risks and provides warnings, customized in real time to improve driver’s attentiveness at all times.

Who We Help

We work with fleet owners, insurance carriers and car OEMs. We help fleet managers with detailed driving behavior analytics and real-time driver coaching to select and retain the best drivers as well as push insurance costs down. Insurers get a better understanding of drivers’ propensity for risk, enabling tailored, more competitive risk-based premiums.

Why Choose Us

At dreyev, we believe augmented intelligence will allow machines to know when we need help, understand what kind of help and the level of escalation is needed, then enable machines to interact with us naturally, like our best friends. We are a passionate team of cross-disciplinary professionals including software engineers, industry and venture capital experts. 

Meet the team

Our team is dedicated to safe driving. 


What People Are Saying

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Steve Ramsthel

President, Imperial Transport, Inc.

Dreyev is a very unique and advanced solution that can identify/notify in real-time the driver of the problem, so that he/she can take correct action to prevent an accident and potentially save lives.

Tony Sari

Owner Operator at Ardsley Taxi & Limo Service, LLC

Dreyev hold great promise for optimizing work of fleet managers and coaching individual drivers, especially the coaching aspect can make a difference in training young inexperienced drivers, warning them of danger, when necessary, before it is too late.

Brian Van Amburgh

Director Business Development, Telamon Insurance and Financial Network

Dreyev is a promising offering in the emerging space of Advanced Driver Assistance. After modeling both driver attention and driving risk, based on contextual data from the road and inside the vehicle, dreyev generates real time feedback to the driver about hazardous conditions to help prevent crashes caused by inattentiveness.

Peter Moe

Director, Driver Safety at Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

We are pleased to offer this letter of support for your proposal to the TRB IDEA program to evaluate the potential of the Dreyev driver monitoring and feedback system to improve the safety and efficiency of the nation’s surface transportation network. The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) recognizes the numerous safety and mobility benefits that interactive and automated driving systems can offer to the citizens of our State… Your proposed research could provide valuable insights into how more advanced environmental monitoring and driver feedback systems can contribute to even more significant safety benefits.

Awards and Recognition

  • Women in Trucking
  • Badge-semifinalist Startup of the Year 2018
  • Hartford Insurtech Award 2017
  • Think Dutchess Semi Finalist 2017
  • MassChallenge Finalst 2017
  • Hardware Cup Boston Semi Finalist 2017
  • Winner Stamford Innovation Week 2019


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