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Cover Whale Partners With dreyev To Transform Commercial Auto Insurance



NEW YORKMarch 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cover Whale Insurance Solutions, Inc. ("Cover Whale") and dreyev are partnering to build an innovative and adaptive risk-based technology process to transform today's commercial auto insurance industry. 

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Making roads safer by combating distraction & drowsiness


Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 5.13.17 PM

HERE Technologies interviews dreyev CTO, Roberto Sicconi and CCO, Dorian D'Ausilio during CES 2022. We discuss how our technologies are making roads safer today.

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Life During COVID-19:  How to Improve Truck Driver Safety


dreyev | Commercial Auto Prepare for a Smarter Comeback

Dreyev partner Here.com spoke with Dreyev CTO and Co-Founder Roberto Sicconi in their blog article that discusses improving truck driver safety during the pandemic-era of delivery.

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Challenge the Status-quo

Walter is the only Driver Safety Platform that analyzes driver behavior and responsiveness 100% of the time, generating real-time alerts to prevent crashes, and identifying areas of driver improvement.

Cellphone ban

State Bans Don't Work

State bans on the use of cell phones in cars don't seem to be effective as accidents caused by distracted driving continue to rise.


Mobile app

Mobile Apps Are Insufficient

Mobile applications that intercept distracting calls or the use of apps are easy to circumvent and distractions can also come from sources other than mobile phones.

Passenger car v4

Front Seat Passengers

The old-fashioned way to solve the problem is to have a front seat passenger who 1) is aware of sudden driving risks, 2) can tell whether the driver is paying attention, and 3) will warn the driver when needed.

  • Walter Wurm

    The inspiration behind dreyev.

  • Virtual Passenger

    Having a virtual passenger that doesn't rest.

  • Computer Vision

    Breakthoughs in video technology have made computer vision affordable.

  • Timely Alerts

    Driving habits will change over time and dreyev will learn them.

When it comes time to measure the ROI for the investment in a driver safety solution, the average payback is measured in months.

Find out how much Walter can save your fleet over three years.

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Regional Commercial Lines Carriers Infographic image


Regional Commercial Lines Insurance Carriers Infographic

This is a one-page infographic describing how dreyev can help regional commercial lines insurance companies. Click the link below to download.

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